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C S R  A N D  H R  P A R T N E R S H I P 

We invite the companies to work together on  CRS and HR activities

We design volunteer activities for employees: activities and experiences into the communities or activities that are carried out from the company.

We launch social projects together with the companies that want to collaborate in solving problems identified in the communities and productive groups with which we work.

We have two social projects in process, in two of the communities with which we work. We invite the companies to collaborate.

 New!  "Weaving Ties" Program

We propose you to participate in "Weaving Ties". A project that we devised to build ties of exchange and collaboration between rural weavers, companies and social organizations that work with people in situations of social vulnerability. 

We invite companies to promote volunteer work in their teams to knit together squares that together will become blankets, which will shelter people living on the street or in precarious housing.

Together with master weavers from Patagonia, the Northwest and the province of Buenos Aires, we organize weaving workshops (virtual or in person) for the volunteers of the participating companies. Weaving is a wonderful ancestral art that allows mental relaxation through concentration and creativity, and doing it in a group with weavers from other regions can be really pleasant and enriching. 


In the weaving workshops, each participant will make small woven squares, which a group of seamstresses and weavers from Ciudad Oculta will then join together and turn into blankets, thus generating work and income for them. 


The blankets made jointly by the volunteers of the companies and the seamstresses will be delivered to people in situations of social vulnerability, with the help of the Fundación El Pobre de Asis and the Sahdes Civil Association.


1. Presentation of the project with the work teams. Sending of knitting kits (knitting needles, Patagonian wool) to the volunteers. 


Weaving workshops with the Master Weavers (one or several during a period of time). Volunteers share, learn and knit wool squares. 


3. The seamstresses of Ciudad Oculta, Buenos Aires, make the blankets from the woven squares. 


4. Delivery of the blankets to civil associations, which distribute them to those in need of shelter. 


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We can devise experiences and social projects in conjunction with different communities.

If you have any ideas, doubts or questions, please write to us at 

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