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We promote the development of rural and natives communities of Argentina, through the sale of their craftwork and the organization of experiences together with them.


 An OBRA of craftwork, a work of arts,  craft/ trade/ service and transmission. An OBRA that results from the union of the people’s work, knowledge and talents of different regions and cultures.


⇒  Obra was born/created in 2012 as a craft shop in Argentina, objects specially cured for their aesthetics and quality and for their social and environmental impact.


⇒  Very soon, companies and institutions began to choose our products for their business gifts. With the growth of tailor-made proposals and different actions, in 2013 we created a unit specially dedicated to the service for companies, also offering experiences and CRS programs.



⇒  Meanwhile, we also liked the idea of designing our own products, inspired by the regions and communities we work with. In 2017, we launched a line of exclusive design wallets, based on materials and techniques from North-eastern Argentina.  

⇒  Always with the aim of supporting native and rural communities  and promoting sustainable production and appreciation of artisanal knowledge, currently OBRA works with these two units: fashion design and decoration and services for companies.

O U R  V A L U E S 

We seek to benefit all participants in our production and commercial chain. We make trade agreements based on transparency and dialogue. We design and produce according to the conditions together with the craftsmen.


We want to sow in our customers the seed of social-environmental awareness, value for traditions, handmade work and respect towards the ancestral cultures.


 We want to collaborate in the dissemination and protection of traditions and ancestral knowledge that make our valuable products unique in the world: the use of natural dyes, spinning ways, designs inspired by nature and hand knitting techniques.


We try to include our values in all parts of the process, from product creation to it commercialization and  packaging, in that way we achieve a product with a good social and environmental traceability. 

W H O  W E  A R E 

We are Sandra y Silvana Rossi, sisters and creators of OBRA. Through our professions in tourism and design, traveling across Argentina we know the talent and values of the craftsmen with whom we work.  Not only did its art make us fall in love, but also the beauty of its lands and the simplicity of its ways of life. It's generosity and humility.


 We knew their difficulties to commercialize their creations and maintain their work as craftsmen, their way of life and knowledge. We created OBRA making reality a joint dream: put together our interests and values in a company that contributes to the improvement of the social and environmental environment in Argentina.

S A N D R A  R O S S I

I love to travel, meet and exchange knowledge and experiences with other people and cultures. I am inspired by the warmth of human bond, nature, sharing. Giving love in everything I do. Putting my talents at the service of a better world.

S I L V A N A  R O S S I

I am inspired by handmade work, ideas, dedication and love put into a creation. I like to see how each creation reflects its creator and its environment, and at the same time who appreciates or acquires it.

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